5 Baby-Must-Haves You’ll Wish You Had

aNEA4F1Lrq11ZzN_aJGGTGBAxv-xzgPi8jtsaNcE0bwContrary to popular advertisers’ opinions, there are many, MANY baby products you can absolutely do without! This list, however, is not one of them. As a first time mom I was the ultimate sucker for a good commercial. I bought the Boogie Wipes (fantastic but not necessary), the wipe-warmer (my husband literally laughed me out of the room on this one), and the most expensive diapers…. for the first two weeks. Then I smarted up and realized there must be a better way to be a good mom besides stocking up on every product in the Target Baby isle.

There are, however, some major life-savers that I wish I had known about before I needed them! Now that I know, I keep these products in stock CONSTANTLY, knowing that at 2am when I need them, we won’t be taking an emergency run to Walgreens.

And now, without further ado, I give you my top favorite 5:

Number 5: A Soother.
Whether it’s a blanket, a binky, a rattle or a stuffed animal, having something for your baby to attach to is very important. Babies aren’t ready for it right away, and some take longer than others, but within the first few days you’ll start to notice if your baby is ready for a soother. I’m not a doctor or a psychologist and I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert, but in our experiences soothers always proved to be an invaluable asset.

Both of our babies took a pacifier within the first 12 hours of birth. (We did this intentionally and although it was work to wean Baby 1.0 off of hers, it was not impossible. We have followed in suite with Baby 2.0 and I’ll let you know how he does! For both kiddos it was more valuable to us to have an easy ‘plug’ than to worry about weaning later.) But in addition, both of our babies showed a desire for something more – something to hold as they got a little older.

Little Mr. Man just turned 4-months-old in January and it was around that time that he started looking for something more. What he found was mama’s hand. I posed a better solution that did not include losing my arm every time he went to sleep. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • WubbaNumb Infant Pacifier – a little stuffed animal that connects to a binky see here
  • Stuffed Animal Blanket – see here
  • Dex Baby Mommy Bear with Womb Sounds – cuddly and comforting little bears with womb sounds you can turn on or off! Check them out here

Disclaimer: as with ALL baby products, please don’t leave your baby with these items unattended as it could lead to SIDS. Use wisely!

Number 4: Teething Products.
I know you probably think you have all the time in the world, and you might… but I didn’t! My Little Mr. Man starting cutting teeth at 10 weeks! I had no idea what was wrong until he happened to be sucking on my finger and I felt one of the buds… and then quickly did a gum sweep and found 3 more! Four teeth at once, less than 3 months old. Oy. Thankfully, I had a few teething staples on hand and the rest were quick to follow. My absolute favorites are:

  1. Hyland’s Teething Tablets/Drops – all-natural, safe for your baby, and very effective! Find them here
  2. Amber Necklace – if you’ve never tried this you are MISSING OUT! My babies were them constantly, up until they’re done teething! Makes a huge difference, but make sure you get the real thing – lots of copy cats out there. My favorite is Inspired by Finn Polished Honey beads. Check it out!
  3. Nuby’s Gum-Eez First Teether – shut the front door, this thing is amazing! It a mouth guard turned pacifier that’s the perfect fit for your baby’s restless gummies! I stick mine in the freezer for extra soothing. See the product here.

IMG_5286 (1)Number 3: Pacifier Thermometer & Medicine Dispenser
Now if you’ve never had to wrestle with a screaming child in the middle of the night to a) get them to swallow medicine that will take their pain away or b) take their temperature by precariously placing a plastic stick in a sensitive place while they squirm and cry and you try your very best not to impale them…. then you will have no appreciate for these two products. Enter, the Pacifier Thermometer & Medicine Dispenser. The easiest fix you could ever dream up will get your baby’s temp back to normal and have you both sleeping faster than you could catch and wipe up a big plop of Tylenol that your infant spit out. Take a look here.

Number 2: The Boba Wrap
I know you’re probably thinking it’s just another baby carrier… but it’s not. I was first introduced to the Boba -Miracle- Wrap a few weeks before Baby 2.0 was due. And, I’ll be honest, I was intimidated. It’s like a huge, oddly shaped scarf-thing that was miles long. I had no idea how to get it secured, let alone how to get out of it when I was done! But I was encouraged to ‘just try it’ and to look up the YouTube video for wrapping instructions. I am SO glad that I did! Little Mr. Man lived in this for his first few weeks – all snuggled up in his little cocoon, my newborn would sleep on me, hands free mind you, for hours! He eventually graduated to a regular carrier that was a little more convenient to slip in and out of (see my favorite brand here), but for those first couple months, my Boba Wrap was a staple in my diaper bag. Check it out here.

IMG_5287 (1)Number 1: And now, ladies and, um… ladies – I give you my absolute most indispensable baby product…! Gripe Water from Mommy’s Bliss. From gas pains and constipation to teething and cranky, this is the first place we turn when the tears start to roll. All-natural and able to be given every 15 minutes as needed, this stuff will literally save your life. It’s affordable, in the baby section of almost every grocery and drug store, and safe for your baby’s sensitive tummy! I’ve also heard it’s great for adults…. but I’ll have to keep you in suspense for now on that one. Visit their website!

I hope these have been helpful! Comment with your favorite baby products and why they’re you’re number one choice.

❤ Jasmine


Have more new baby questions? See So You’re Having A Baby… 5 Must-Do’s in the First 7 Days

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