Busy Mom’s Guide: Keeping Your Sanity Through Another Snow Day

anothersnowday1If I could manage to push my front door open against the 2+ feet of NEW snow that fell last night, and wade outside into the white abyss at this very moment, I’m nearly positive I would hear the resounding cry of mothers all over the state shouting, ‘Again??’ Yes, here in Downeast Maine we are experiencing yet another snow storm. It shouldn’t be a surprise to those of us that have grown up here. We live in Maine; getting snowed on is what we do. We all know Spring will come someday, but for now we’ll hunker down and grin and bear the 6+ months of winter. It’s not all bad: you get to sleep in because no one can drive to work, snuggle up on the couch all day and drink coffee, and enjoy a quiet day hibernating in your cozy, snowed-in home. That is, if you don’t have kids. If you do, snow days look, well… different.

My kiddos don’t even go to school yet and I still find myself getting overwhelmed by the snow days! It’s too cold to send them out, but like caged kittens, they literally bounce off the walls when we’re snowed in (yes, even my 4-month-old). And it starts at 6a.m. Goodbye, oh sweet snow days of old.

Over the past few weeks it feels like we’ve had more days snowed in than we have plowed out! I was originally planning this post for next week, but I feel like I might have a few friends that are in the middle of the same storm I’m in today that might find this helpful. 😉

Step One: Make Coffee
No, this is not optional, it is absolutely imperative to operational success. Mama + Coffee = Happy Snow Day

Step Two: Make A Plan 
Since my Little Mr. is too tiny to have a vote this is a simple process in my house, but it can be made to suite any sibling combo. First thing in the morning I sit down with my Little Miss and we plan a few activities to do throughout the day. This is super effective for us because she’s a planner – but for any child it gives the structure they’re looking for as well as something exciting to look forward to. (It also helps Mama set reasonable expectations and live up to them. In other words? Don’t try deep-clean your kitchen on a snow day – have fun with your kiddos!)
Here’s what our list looks like today:

  1. Make a yummy breakfast treat
    snowday3Need ideas? Make these. They are amazing! So easy and only 3 ingredients! Find the original recipe pin here.
  2. Make Valentine’s
    It’s only a week away and we’re sooooo excited!
  3. Make a Fort with blankets
    snowday2We all did it when we were little – now’s the time to use your fort-making-skills and wow your kiddos! Find some supplies for coloring, reading, or playing  and some blankets and pillows to make it cozy. Pull out a stashed glow-stick, flashlight or lantern for some extra fun.
  4. Paint in the snow
    Super fun! I just put food coloring and water in a water bottle and send it outside with her to make masterpieces with. Slightly messy but nothing that doesn’t wash out, and it’s worth it.
  5. Watch a movie with popcorn
    We are endlessly addicted to the Polar Express so that’s what we’ll be watching today!

Step Three: Enjoy!
I’m not saying your home will miraculously turn into a cozy little picturesque Thomas Kinkade painting, it will probably still be a mad-house. But at least you’ll be prepared and hopefully this has given you some new ideas!

What’s your go-to Snow-Day strategy? What’s your all-time worst snow story? (Mine includes getting snowed in at a hotel with 15-month-old with a bunch of other military wives and kiddos and the electricity went out….)

Happy Snow Day!

❤ Jasmine


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