Busy Mom’s Guide: Clean Freak’s Best Friend

cleanfreak11I recently made a discovery. It was not a pleasant one. I was cleaning my microwave and stove top, minding my own business, when I was suddenly accosted by a disgusting reality. There, in my kitchen, was perhaps the dirtiest thing I have ever seen in my life! (That statement is only slightly exaggerated.) Precariously perched above where we cook our food (our FOOD!), this preposterous abomination had made its home. I’m only telling you this because I care, but I will caution you: before you look to see if this obscenity is living in your home, brace yourself.

You know that vent above your stove top under your microwave? (Not everyone has a microwave above their stove, but everyone has a vent.) Mine is so low I never see it, which means it doesn’t bother me, which means it never gets cleaned. When we moved in to our house six months ago I was 9 months pregnant, and hardly looking for extra things to deep clean. Alas, I missed it – and I have to wonder if it has ever been cleaned before now.

cleanfreak12I was pressed for time and had been cleaning all day, but I could not – could not – cook another meal under that travesty. So I grabbed my Green Works, paper towels, and my favorite go-to cleaning tool and your new best friend, Scrub Buds Scouring Pads.

Best. Scrubbers. EVER!cleanfreak4

First I took pictures. I know, they’re beyond gross, but you need to know what my poor little Scrub Buds were up against. Then I sprayed it down heavily with Green Works.

cleanfreak6I set a timer and let it sit for 5 minutes before I came back and got to work. More accurately, my Scrub Bud got to work. The only hard part for me was the angle – it’s slightly awkward scrubbing something below your eye-level but too far off the ground to kneel. I just kept thinking about the great abs I would have… and the clean vent. 🙂

I scrubbed for 5 minutes or so and then re-sprayed the Green Works and let it sit again. I only had to do this twice – and just like that, voila! After 10 minutes of scrubbing – at the MOST – I had a beautifully clean stove vent! And I hardly did any of the work; it was all my handy little Scrub Bud. You may not fully appreciate the gravity of this miracle if you’ve never seen grime like mine. But let me assure you, this was no easy job. Thick, greasy, disgusting grime had been building up for years and was covered in a sticky film that seems to accompany any truly gross build-up. This is something that would have easily cost me an hour of scrubbing with a normal rag or sponge, not to mention using at least one roll of paper towels. Amazing.cleanfreak5

cleanfreak10Let’s stop for a moment to take a look at these little beauties. You don’t know it until you’ve used it, but these little gems are by far the best thing since sliced bread.cleanfreak9

Moral of the story? Buy these Scrub Buds. They are intended for dishes – best scrubbers ever! – but I usually take one out of every box to set aside for cleaning. Once I’m done with a project I throw it in the dishwasher and then re-use it. You can literally use these things until they fall apart. And they’re so cheap! You can’t beat it. (Disclaimer: be cautious using them on painted surfaces, as it may scratch the paint.)

Here’s the only downside: you can’t buy them at a store, they are an Amway product. So if you have an Amway consultant, put in an order, and if you don’t, send mine an email! Her name is Patty, she is fabulous, and you can visit her website here.

cleanfreak8I’m telling you, these little scrubbers will change your life – the only dangerous part is all the scrubbing you’ll want to do once you see them in action! (Remember when you first discovered Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers and couldn’t stop ‘erasing’ every stain in sight? Yes, just like that.)

Leave a comment on your experience; enjoy and clean responsibly!

❤ Jasmine


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