Best New Recipes {February}

bestnewrecipesfebI love trying new recipes, and I have very simple criteria: to make it into my kitchen, a recipe must be quick, painless and easy. Oh yes… And amazingly delicious! I tried several new dishes in February, but these three topped the list as they passed my ‘test’ with flying colors. Alas, without further ado, I give you the winners!

peasantbread1Peasant Bread is my latest Pandora’s Box… The possibilities are endless! I’ve tried Cinnamon, Parmesean, and, as pictured here, Rosemary Garlic. It always turns out beautifully and is so moist and scrumptious! Find the original recipe and instructions here.


This was a dangerous discovery…. Yes, it is just as amazing as it looks! Incredibly rich and fluffy, this was a Superbowl win at my party this year! It tastes almost exactly like the fudge filling in E.P. Keebler cookies… to die for. Here’s the original post – proceed with caution! This is addicting.


Last but not least, I’ve been searching for a while for a good crunchy granola bar recipe. This one takes the cake! I was slightly concerned when they came out of the oven because they took a while to set, but I followed the directions to a T and they turned out perfectly! It made a ton too – I froze half the batch! Find the original directions here.


Well congratulations to our February winners! I’m already trying out some new fun dishes for March – I’ll keep you posted!

Leave a comment with your favorite newly discovered recipe – I’d love to try it!

❤ Jasmine

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