Busy Mom’s Guide: St. Patrick’s Day {turn} Spring Pendant Banner

stpatgraphic1Do you like easy? Of course you do – who doesn’t like easy? I’ve mentioned how my craft skills before Pinterest were absolutely non-existent and that whatever skills I may possess now are solely because of that wonderful entity, so it should not surprise you to learn that I’ve thrown together some cute decor for St. Patrick’s Day… and it’s stupid easy. So send me an air-hug (or blow me a kiss, I am Irish…), pull out your paints and burlap and roll up your sleeves!

Once again, I will give credit where credit is due: this was not my idea. I found the original post for this adorable Pinterest-y St. Patrick’s Pendant Banner and absolutely fell in love. But as I was pulling out my supplies, I started to think. The over-ambitious side of my brain was looking at the pinks and purples in my paint collection and screaming: “Spring! Make one for Spring, too!” While the more realistic, albeit a bit lazy side was frowning on the idea. Make two completely different sets of pendants? I don’t think so. So we compromised – myself and I – and came up with this instead!

stpat1First, I gathered my supplies and cut my burlap. {Note: the term ‘cut’ is used here loosely. One does not cut burlap. Wrestle, strangle, fight with, conquer – one of these would perhaps serve as a better substitute.}
stpat2Next, using my Frog tape (I gave up on paint tape when I started going crazy with my Canvas Paintings – see original post here – Frog tape just holds better), I taped out my stripes. My tape was thick and my pendants are pretty short, so the stripes will be chunky, which is what I was going for. They could easily be made thinner, though, by cutting your tape or making larger pendants.stpat3

After everything was taped down I started painting. Well, blotting. Again, it’s burlap, it doesn’t give up without a fight. But, through a series of methods, I managed to get the paint off my sponge brush and onto the pendants.

stpat4stpat5While my green stripes were drying, I started on my white polka dots. These are the pendants that will be used in both banners (St. Patty’s and Spring). I used a white with a metallic finish so it would have a little gleam to it; I loved the gold used in the original post, but I didn’t have any so we made do with white. My round blotting brush worked really good, but didn’t always leave enough paint down so I started pressing it firmly and turning it slowly before picking it up. I am aware my polka-dots are less than perfect… I’m not naturally artist and I’m ok with that.

While all my materials for Banner 1 were drying, I found another cereal box (that’s what I’ve been using for cardboard these days), dismantled it, and started on my purple and pink stripes. And Voila! Before you know it, you’ll have two adorable Pendant Banners!stpat6

I always use clothespins for my banners because I love how they look, and it’s super easy to interchange banners quickly – the twine just stays up above my windows all year long.

Lastly, pin it up! I’ve always thought having major decor for minor holidays was a colossal waste of time, but no longer! The day after St. Patrick’s Day I’ll just switch out a few greens for pinks and purples and… yeah, you get it. I’ll stop bragging on my laziness-inspired-genius now. 😉

Have a bright, green, corned-beef-filled St. Patrick’s Day and a Happy Spring!

❤ Jasmine


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