Bailey’s Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream 5 Ways

baileys1It was a match made in heaven the day I met Bailey’s Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream. We were at my husband’s grandmother’s house for the weekend when she introduced me to this amazing concoction. Smooth, creamy, rich, sweet – everything you want in thick Irish cream (minus the alcohol of course :)). I don’t normally like my coffee sweetened but this little bottle changes the rules when it visits my house. It’s so good, however, that I couldn’t just limit it to my coffee. Hence, I give you Bailey’s Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream 5 different ways! This post is not sponsored, I just love this stuff so much! Brace yourself for the temptation – it’s coming!


Leave a comment and let me know your favorite, I’d love to hear from you! Enjoy!

❤ Jasmine

6 thoughts on “Bailey’s Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream 5 Ways

    • No problem! {Confession: I put some in homemade oatmeal this morning instead of almond milk and it was sooooo good! This stuff is dangerous I need it out of my house! 😉}


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