Happy St. Patrick’s Day! {Quick & Easy, Yummy Fun}

stpats1I just love St. Patrick’s Day. I always have, ever since my brother ruined my sister’s St. Patty’s Day pot roast (yes I know, not corned beef, but the sweet girl was only 8 so cut her some slack) by dumping in a ton of green food coloring to make it match the party. Needless to say green pot roast, potatoes and carrots is less than appetizing… We all had something else for dinner. He ate that pot roast for days. But he wasn’t completely off target. Dying everything green is a great way to celebrate! Just not the meat – gross.

So here are my list of must-haves and dos for a fun, easy St. Patrick’s Day! Ready? Here we go!

I have collected my absolute favorite recipes, crafts & devotionals. Hope you have a gloriously green, as Irish as can be, Happy Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


For the Irish-loving, try these delicious concoctions:

Homemade Shamrock Shake – this recipe is to die for! I also added some of my Thin Mints from my Girl Scout cookie stash… SOOOO good!


Chocolate Irish Cream Gelato (just substitute the Bailey’s Irish Cream for Bailey’s Non-Alcoholic Irish Creamer – I’m addicted to this stuff! Check out all my other Bailey’s recipes here.)

Irish Soda Bread – we make this every year! So delicious and so easy!

stpat4Shamrock Cupcakes – we’ll be making these this year! Can’t wait to try them. Check out these little fun creations we tried last year – the chocolate coins were a hit!

Bailey’s Irish Creamer Cheesecake Pie – I have not tried this. I am honestly afraid to. It looks so amazing! But maybe one of these days I’ll trust myself not to eat the whole thing and give it a shot – it looks absolutely divine.

Istpat16f all else fails, pick up a bottle of Bailey’s Non-Alcoholic Irish Creamer and some Thin Mints and go home and make yourself a cup of strong French press coffee! To. Die. For.


St. Patrick’s Day {turn} Spring Pendant Banner – check out my easy as pie burlap pendant banner!

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids – these are so cute! And easy too. 😉

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts – these looks like it’s straight out of Martha Stewart’s home. What I aspire to decorate like someday!


St. Patrick’s Day is celebrating an amazing man who loved God, served him with all of his heart, and who’s life proves God’s faithfulness. Check out these great kid-friendly devos to help educate your kids about the real meaning behind the holiday.

Veggie Tale’s St. Patrick’s Day Segment 

History of St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study (pre-K-5th grade)

❤ Jasmine


3 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! {Quick & Easy, Yummy Fun}

  1. The French Press coffee with Thin Mints sounds soooo good! Why have I never thought of that before? 🙂 Thanks for sharing the devotionals as well–going over to check them out now! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

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