Clean Eating On A Dime {How We Did The Whole30 2.0 On A Budget}

cleaneating1I love clean eating. No really, I do. I feel my best, make better choices, and generally enjoy life more when the majority of our diet is clean, home/locally grown, and full of good nutrients, not chemicals and additives. (Occasional exceptions made regularly for Jordan’s hot dogs and Thin Mint cookies.) But let’s be real: clean eating is expensive! Forget a gallon of milk, have you priced organic produce lately? Or grass fed beef, locally raised, free-range chickens or coconut oil? Yup. It adds up really fast. Which is why my husband and I made some strategic decisions leading up to and during our 2nd Whole30 Journey this past March, to set ourselves up for success, both for our wellness and our budget.

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“I’d Rather Be Blogging” {Confessions of A Busy Mom}

You’ve seen the bumper stickers: I’d rather be fishing… I’d rather be shopping… I’d rather be… Yeah, those ones. The ones that make you want to scream, “I’d rather be ANYWHERE than stuck in traffic reading your stickers!” But occasionally, the phrase applies. Me? I’d rather be blogging. I’m over a quarter of my way through my first blogging year and, as much as it’s a challenge some days to find the time, it has been one of the best additions I could have made to my busy/crazy/messy/baby-full life.SONY DSC Continue reading

When Mama Just Needs The Simple Things

simplethings1I lotioned my hands this afternoon. I know, right? Oh the luxury! I couldn’t help it – my skin smelled like dishwater, and even after scrubbing them to the bone, my hands wreaked. I hardly ever lotion my hands, especially after doing dishes – there is always something else vying for my attention (usually very loudly). But today I decided to splurge. And oooh was it good! If you’re not a live-in maid to a series of lovely, messy children, full-time cook for a brood of hungry, picky eaters, on-call psychologist for a seemingly multiple-personality’d diva, commander to the most disorganized and disheveled unit in the world, as well as a loving (albeit sometimes frazzled) wife, then this post won’t make any sense to you. But if you are… relish with me for just a few moments, in the beauty of… {excuse me for just a moment, Little Mr. has just begun requesting his dinner quite forcefully} …the simple things.

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Best New Recipes {March}

A couple of months ago I started making a list of all the new recipes I was trying from Pinterest every month. I was quite surprised when I realized that I try, on average, a new recipe every week! Bravo, Pinterest, you have gotten this boring cook out of her rut! My favorite recipes from every month have been making it to the ‘Best New Recipes’ series (didn’t see February? Catch up here), because they are simply too good not to share!


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Busy Mom’s Guide: DIY Coffee Bar

I love coffee. My husband loves coffee. This makes our lives much more enjoyable than when only one of us liked coffee. It also makes our budget a bit tighter in the coffee department. Which means that when we come across an adorable coffee bar we simply must have it. We must. So we did. But we did it the budget friendly way.


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Happy Easter! {Celebrate with Free Printables}

I absolutely love Easter! As a kid I looked forward to the egg hunts, the baskets in the morning, and going to my grandparents’ church in a brand new fancy dress. Decked out in my new hat and gloves, I would eat up every admiration and compliment that graced my 6-year-old ears. Now, as a mama to a very similar little girl, I look forward to filling her Easter basket and getting her all dolled up on Easter morning.

The only thing more fun than curling up my Little Girlie’s hair, is decorating my house! But really, who has time do a house make over? Not me, for sure!

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