Busy Mom’s Guide: DIY Coffee Bar

I love coffee. My husband loves coffee. This makes our lives much more enjoyable than when only one of us liked coffee. It also makes our budget a bit tighter in the coffee department. Which means that when we come across an adorable coffee bar we simply must have it. We must. So we did. But we did it the budget friendly way.


2015-02-09 14.09.593I was in a Goodwill store in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania a couple years ago when I came across this gem and I fell in love. What was supposed to be a quick window shopping trip soon turned into a full-fledged excursion to purchase, transport and assemble this adorable little kitchen cabinet. Or bookshelf. Or hutch. We never really did know what to call it. But whatever it was, it worked beautifully in our dining room. And then we moved, and in our bright white kitchen, this thing stuck out like a sore thumb. So when we set our sights on a Coffee Bar, naturally this was what we decided to risk in our DIY experiment.

I would rate this project with a skill level but it would be pointless. What’s that phrase I’ve been using lately? Oh yes: stupid easy. It is. The reason? This beautiful stuff.2015-02-09 19.35.536

Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint is a-mazing! Inspired by Annie Sloan’s famous chalk paint, this stuff will paint over anything, and it goes on so think, we only had to use two coats! This tiny little bottle (that’s my thumb in the corner of the picture to show you how small it is) nearly finished this huge cabinet that we did! We bought another container at the same time and so we were generous with it, but I’m pretty sure we could have squeezed it all out of one if we had needed to. And the best part? It’s less than $10.00!! Find it at Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, or a bunch of other craft stores. This stuff is awesome. (This post is not sponsored in anyway, I just love this product!)

Now that we had it painted, there were a few finishing touches we wanted to include.

First, we sanded down the edges very carefully to distress it a bit. Then we went over the base of the shelves with Americana Decor Wax Finish to seal it from scratches and moisture. On the largest shelf, where are coffee maker would be, we sealed it with Poly to keep our beautiful shelf staying beautiful.

diycoffeebar4Using chalk board paint (this is NOT chalk paint, mind you), we painted the back of the largest shelf for our display. Then we took a chalk marker and made it pretty! A couple of new knobs from Hobby Lobby added a classy vintage look and voila! A new coffee bar that brightens up our kitchen and functions beautifully.

And there you have it! Have you ever used Chalk Paint to refinish or brighten up projects? Let me know your greatest success story!

❤ Jasmine


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