A Daddy’s Heart {A Father’s Day Tribute}

daddyheart1Father’s Day was always a very special day in my house growing up. All six of us kids would elbow our way into the kitchen to help mom serve up the best breakfast of the year and then fight over who got to pour his orange juice. Some lucky duck would think quick and race into the closet to deliver his bathrobe and slippers. I’m pretty sure he got non-stop back rubs from the moment he woke up until he finally peeled us off to put us to bed at night {enter the Velcro sound effect}. We would shower him with gifts, homemade cards with scribbled names and always – always – mom would initiate a craft (usually something he could wear) that had all of our hand-prints on it. If you peek in his closet today you can still see the ratty sweatshirts with fabric-paint hand outlines boasting 2, then 3, then 4 and 5 then sets of prints, names and ages. He wore them proudly and we loved to go up and find out hands throughout the year and compare how they had grown. Needless to say, we loved our dad – adored our dad – and there was one very simple reason for that: he adored us.

Father’s Day in my married life has looked quite different, unfortunately. My poor husband has yet to experience a ‘real’ one! His first official year as a daddy he was deployed {read that story here}, so although we celebrated from afar, it wasn’t the same. And since he’s been back, Father’s Day’s has marked one of the busiest days on my work calendar, due to a large event starting on that particular Sunday every year. He’s a good sport, my man, and would let us celebrate the day before. But I know and the calendar knows – we haven’t done it for real… yet. This year he’s gonna get the real thing: the banner, the hand prints, the homemade breakfast with an overflowing glass of orange juice – the works. We’ll love him right back into his introvert shell and make him glad it’s only one day a year that he’s the center of attention all day. But no, really, I’m excited! He’s an amazing daddy and deserves to be showered (or drowned) in love and adoration from his kids.


It never ceases to amaze me how similar they are, my father and my husband. Two men of different generations who have both obtained the goal they set out to accomplish when they started families of their own: to be the best daddy they could be. Both had a lot of learning to do along the way and, I’m sure, felt at a loss at times, not knowing how to be something they had not had themselves. But they have both found the priceless reward that comes from it: their children’s love and adoration.

I don’t use those words lightly; there are a lot of kids that love their dads, and a lot of dads that work hard for that love and trust. But there’s something else, something deeper, that begins to grow when a father relentlessly pursues relationship with his children. I’m sure it’s not easy for dads – babies are naturally more drawn to their mothers from the minute their born, and unless dad seriously steps up his game he won’t have the same kind of relationship with his kids that mom does. It’s kind of sad, actually, how many dads love their kids, but don’t know them.


Some would argue that that’s not the dad’s job – he’s supposed to protect and provide, not love and nurture. I would agree with that in part, but I’m not convinced. Our heavenly Father has provided the ultimate blueprint to winning ‘best daddy of the year award’, and he passionately pursues relationship with us. He knows us better than we know ourselves, and yet loves us completely. He protects, provides, nurtures, loves, guides, encourages, and enables us to do the impossible. You may think there’s no dad on earth that can be that kind of father to his kids, but I’ll have to say you’re wrong. There is, and I know there is, because that’s the kind of dad I have. And that’s the kind of dad my kids have.

They’re not perfect, but they are engaged – they are truly interested in learning about their children and getting to know their unique personalities. They love their kids and aren’t afraid to show it. They provide consistent boundaries and a sense of security in their steadfast reinforcement of them. They are strong and unafraid, but humble and willing to serve. They have earned their children’s respect and require their obedience, but are quick to forgive and their love covers even the gravest offenses.

They do not rely on their own wisdom but seek God first and follow his Word with reverence. They teach their kids everything they know, and then go out to learn something new so they can have something new to pass on. They revel in the joy of watching their children learn and grow. They treat their kids like princes and princesses and yet they’re surprised when they are treated like a king in return. They are a rare and precious specimen and I am blessed beyond measure to have two in my life. They inspire me to be a better daughter, wife and mama and to return their love and faithfulness.


When I young I worshiped my daddy – I adored everything about him and would do anything to avoid disappointing him. Now that I’m grown I love and respect him deeply, and take every opportunity to give him the honor he deserves. I thought there could never be another dad like him, but I was wrong, there is; and he’s upstairs putting our kids to bed as I write. These men understand the importance and blessing of being a daddy, and they take their place in their children’s lives seriously. They treat their responsibility with reverence and that is what makes them the most amazing daddies in the world. Like their Heavenly Father, they truly love with a Daddy’s heart.

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy and my Darling! You are both a blessing to us all.

❤ Jasmine


11 thoughts on “A Daddy’s Heart {A Father’s Day Tribute}

  1. I didn’t know if I would make it through this post because I lost my daddy 10 years ago. Yesterday I was in Walmart looking at Fathers day cards for my husband and nearly broke down in tears. I miss him just as much today as the first day I lost him… And just as you, I never imagined there would be another one like him, but there is. He is my husband and he is one of the greatest fathers I know. Thanks for such a super post.

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  2. Dads can – and should – have an equally strong bond with their children as the mom. All of my babies adored my husband from birth – he talked to them frequently in the womb. You could see them, hours old, craning their little heads and eyes wondering towards the sound of daddy talking. I encourage it! It’s doable, but there’s two catches: 1) Dad has to put in the effort to be just as involved in the kids life 2) Mom has to let him be as involved in the kids’ life and make him an equal parenting partner. Thank you so much for sharing a wonderful, loving tribute to your husband and your father!

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