Freckle Face {Lessons I Learned In The Sun}

frecklefaceheader1So it seems it’s time for confessions and I will make mine readily: I have an awful freckle face. It hides itself in the winter, but as soon as the sun hits the daisies it pops out faster than you can say ‘go buy concealer!’ I’ve never been a huge fan of them, but they cover easily enough so they didn’t give me much trouble. But they were covered. Always. I painstakingly applied makeup to all the brown little dots morning after morning, time after time, to try to erase, or at least neutralize, the sun’s damage. It wasn’t until just recently that I ever considered doing otherwise – because, why else, freckles were meant to be covered, right?

My husband and I were putting away the pool toys after a long day in the sun when he randomly made a comment about my freckles and how much he liked them. “I’ve always like them,” he said, which actually carries quite a bit of weight in our relationship seeing as we’ve known each other since we were roughly four years old.

I couldn’t believe it. Who likes freckles? I mean, they’re adorable on little kids and stunning on redhead beauties, but those aren’t the kind of freckles I have. I have the ‘Yup, I forgot to put on sunscreen and stayed out too long’ kind of freckles. What’s there to like? I believed him, though, and have yet to try to cover another freckle since. After all, I only have one man to please, and if he likes it, why hide them? It’s just another part of me that betrays who I really am, and after all, isn’t true beauty found in honesty and individuality?

Having said that, it’s still an imperfection. And that drives my OCD brain nuts! At least it did, until God taught me a lesson about freckles.

freckleface1You see, the sun changed me – it brought out something in me that I couldn’t do myself. It left its mark on me, and, like it or not, everyone I see knows without a doubt, I’ve been in the sun.

{If you’ve been hanging around Christian blogs for any time at all you’ve already caught on to the analogy and could write the rest of this post for me! But in case you’re still in the dark, allow me to elaborate….}

God impressed on me so strongly that in my life, He is the sun. The time that I spend with Him in His presence changes me in undeniable ways, and brings out the beauty within that I never could unveil by myself. He awakens in my soul a love that goes much deeper than the sentiment I bestow, and leads me to live a life that otherwise, I would not have the desire or ability to live. When I bask in the presence of my Savior, He leaves his mark on me, and there’s no doubt where I’ve been.

This summer as you find yourself fighting your own freckles, consider the beauty that cannot go unnoticed, both on your face and in your heart. Let God shine through you by living a life that unashamedly and undeniably points to Him. And maybe you should just let the freckles be… after all, He likes them; He’s always liked them. He made you that way to show the world His glory through you.

❤ Jasmine


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