Busy Mom’s Guide: 4th of July Party Planning


Here in New England our spring season tends to hang around a little longer than it should, due to the fact that winter wayyy overstayed its’ welcome. This brings us to the end of June still hauling around coats, moving in-doors after 7pm and turning up the heat in the car for those early morning drives. But something magical happens when Maine hits July: summer begins! And nothing rings the arrival of the best 6 weeks of the year like a 4th of July bash.

As an experienced Pin collector (is that a thing? a ‘Pinterest-er’? I think I just made up the new most-coveted occupation of 2015….!), I’ve spent way more time than necessary over the years finding fun 4th of July ideas and have never had a chance to try them all. Here are my top favs, but check out my 4th of July board for tons more!

In my opinion there are 3 major components to any party:

  1. Food
  2. Decor
  3. Atmosphere/Tone

Just like your famous potato salad and strawberry flag cake bring a yummy sense of fun and celebration, having ready-to-play life-size Banana Grams over on the lawn and a 40-foot slip-and-slide will give your party the atmosphere you want in a fun 4th of July bash. So grab your S’Mores supplies and sparklers and get ready to throw the BBQ of the year!

2015-06-28 21.22.564thcollage1Whether you’re looking for the very best Chicken Salad recipe or you’re planning to mix it up with a Walking Taco Bar, there are dozens of menu options for a Patriotic bash! Grilling never gets old, but how about adding some fun with these adorable Firecracker Hot Dogs. Need something low-maintenance? Check out this list of 4th of July crock-pot recipes for some great ideas!

And we can’t forget dessert, that’s the best part! How about some Rice Krispie Treat Flags, Watermelon Stars, Red Velvet Cupcakes or, my daughter’s personal favorite, Sprinkled Ice Cream Cones? From Brownie & Fruit Kebabs  to Flag Cupcakes, Patriotic Strawberries to Star Berry Hand Pies, and everything in between, there’s endless options to choose from. And the best part? They all come in Red, White and Blue!

decor3When decorating for a Patriotic holiday, you want it to be fun and exciting and the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, but you also want to honor the men and women who have sacrificed it all for our country. Try framing a Free Patriotic Printable or two to tie your theme together and serve as a respectful reminder of those who have gone before.

Need a cute way to distinguish your gluten-free cookies from the definitely-not-gluten-free-they’re-way-too-good ones? Try these adorable 4th of July Food Tent Labels!

2015-06-28 21.22.13What about some good old fashion decorations? I am absolutely in love with these Patriotic Mason Jars for so many reasons! First of all, they’re mason jars. What’s not to love? Not only are they adorable little table adorners during the day but at night stick a candle in them and voila! Mini lanterns! Plus {did I mention already} they’re mason jars! Need I say more?

Want some more great ideas? Check out this list of 4th of July decor. Love love love it!

2015-06-28 21.22.48Lastly, atmosphere is everything. You can have an adorable party fall completely flat because everyone is too paranoid about messing up the picture-perfect display to actually enjoy themselves! One of the best ways to break the ice and make people feel at home is music. Grab your platform of choice (I’m a Pandora girl myself) and find a good station or make a playlist and let it play all day long.

Are you having kids at your party? Make sure you have something fun to keep them entertained! Yes, they’ll adore your brownie cake pops but that contentment won’t last forever. Set up some fun outdoor games like life-size Banana Grams, Candy Land or Jenga! Have little ones and don’t want to worry about watching the pool? Make one of these Water Blobs for endless, cool fun without the worry. Got a few that are tough to impress? Try the Water-Balloon Pinanta or wow them with Bubbles that Bounce!

Don’t have any kids coming? I would recommend using the same list of activities! Adults love to find an excuse to have fun and act like children, so why not let them?

When the sun starts to set light things up with these cute Glow Stick Lanters and, of course, sparklers!

I hope you’ve found some good ideas to make your party amazing! Enjoy the holiday and don’t forget to remember why we have the freedom that we celebrate.

❤ Jasmine


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