A Few Of My Favorite Things


From caroling to the Christmas play, wrapping to reading Christmas books, testing the tree lights (again, and again…) or gorging yourself on every goody insight, Christmas is the best time to bring out your favorite traditions! Here are a few on my bucket list this year. I hope you enjoy!


There is no two flavors on earth that I enjoy more than peppermint and chocolate! And there’s no better time to find just about anything you could possibly want in that taste combination! Try our homemade peppermint hot chocolate for an incredible tasting experience. If you’re like me, go heavy on the peppermint and whipped cream!



We so enjoyed making these this year (ok… my husband made them. But I enjoyed watching!). Perfect for gift tags (or ornaments!) these cuties are just the thing to add a little special something to your package. We went all rustic, but with a little glitter and Modge Podge you could glam these babies right up!  See the original post here.


loveeeee snow globes! They really are my secret love. I may have gone a little crazy with them this year, but once we discovered how easy they were we couldn’t stop making them! Give it a shot and try your own – see the original post here.




More fondly known in my house as ‘Christmas Mix’ (there’s just something about your 5-year-old saying ‘crack’…), this is my ultimate goody weakness. We substituted the pretzels for a Gluten-Free brand to make this amazing recipe even better! See the original post here.



Finally, my favorite new goody discovery this year: Peppermint Brownie Balls! (Or copy cat Starbucks Brownie Pops.) These incredible little deposits of joy will wow any crowd, and they’re amazingly simple to make! See the original post here.


Do you have a Christmas bucket list this year? What are some of the best new traditions or goodies you’ve tried?

Have a wonderfully merry, deliciously yummy, perfectly peaceful Christmas!

❤ Jasmine


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