Busy Mom’s Guide: Managing the Mess

January found us this year coming off the biggest Christmas haul to date, with enough new loot to supply our local Toys R Us. Toys, toys and more toys. Not from us, mind you. Oh we had our fair share in the matter, but the majority of the overload came from generous and well-meaning relatives who couldn’t resist spoiling the only kiddos in the family.

We responded with typical post-Christmas protocol: go through all your toys and fill up a bag to give to kids who don’t have any + mom sneaks in at night and rummages through to find toys that haven’t seen the light of day in many moons and need to find a new home.

But it was still to no avail. Some toys found themselves re-organized and relocated to orderly abodes, such as the Playmobile or dress-ups. But unfortunately, the bulk of the inventory was miscellaneous 18-months-and-up busy toys that either make noise or have a gazillion pieces (or 450 to be exact, if we count the ball pit). You know the problem. Trucks strewn everywhere, dishes with the train set, puzzle pieces on the carpet, Legos in the book bin, and an abandoned baby doll forgotten underneath a pile of rubble from a recently destroyed tower of blocks. No matter how ‘OCD’ you naturally tend to be, no mom can turn a blind eye to the chaos forever. It begins to grate, like fingernails on a chalk board, and before you know it, you hear yourself making empty threats about giving away all their toys because they’re messy, ungrateful, little minions of destruction. It was time for this Mama to take action.


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Gluten-Free Honey & Peanut Butter Pancakes

Pancakes are, by far, one of my weekend morning favorites. Nothing says lazy morning like sizzling hotcakes and globs of maple syrup!  But, as you may have already discovered for yourself, finding good gluten-free recipes that don’t taste like cardboard is a rarity. That’s why this one is such a gem! It’s just easy as throwing together any other cheat-baking-mix and so incredibly good you’ll want to double check to make sure they’re actually gluten-free!


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