Week One {5 Baby Must-Do’s in the First 7 Days}

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The first week of your baby’s life is perhaps the most amazing and awe-inspiring as you watch them slowing begin to awaken to the world they have arrived in. But let’s be real – those first 7 days are perhaps the most intimidating, terrifying and ultimately the hardest you’ve ever experienced to date! And instead of getting easier things tend to get harder, at least for a time.

Although my husband and I both came from big families and had lots of experience with babies, when we brought our firstborn home from the hospital, many nights I would begin crying as the sun went down, so dreading the long night ahead. True story. And, no matter what you do or don’t do, transitioning into life with a newborn is as painful as growing a limb. Or so I can imagine.

But as we all know, it’s well worth it, so here are a few tips to get you through those first beautifully precious – albeit hideously scary – first days.

(A Note to the Reader: Whether you’re reading this with a baby in your tummy or in your arms, I’m sure the last thing you have lots of is time! That’s why I’m going to keep this short and sweet. For the rest of the post click the Read More link at the end of each paragraph. Good luck!)


You Will Survive

The first week of your sweet baby’s life is most often akin motherhood boot camp: everything you thought you knew about surviving the first week of your child’s life is thrown out the window as you find yourself grasping for clarity through a foggy, sleep-deprived brain as you try to figure out what you must do.

It’s fantastic, really – I promise. But there’s a reason the 3rd trimester is such a beast, and that reason is to prepare you for week one. The biggest thing to remember as the days go by in a blur is that you. will. survive. You just will, I promise. And so will your newborn. Press on, mama, you’re gonna make it!

  1. Plan Ahead
    This first step is really best applied before your baby is born, however, it’s never too late to be intentional! My husband and I have gone through this week of baby-boot-camp four times now and the second time around we found we were much more prepared than our first rodeo. The big difference? Now that we had a better idea of what to expect we game-planned nearly ever scenario beforehand. Read more…
  2. Try the Number One Baby Hack
    I know this sounds super cheesy, but I’m telling you this little hack will save your life! Read more…
  3. Lower Your Standards
    Normally I would be the last person on earth to encourage you to lower standards in any area of your life (no really, I belong in meetings that begin “Hello my name is Jasmine and I’m a perfectionist…..”). But when it comes to the getting-to-know-you phase of a newly acquired dependent, exceptions must be made. Do yourself, your husband and your kiddos a favor and lower the bar. Read more…
  4. Create a Routine
    Now that we’ve unlocked our inner free spirit and have decided to let a few things slide for the greater good, let’s talk about routine. Your life is suddenly full of schedules. Feedings, sleep patterns – perhaps your doctor even wants to know how many wet/messy diapers your new baby’s had in the past 6 hours. Although this is definitely a time to let flexibility reign, I’ve come to recognize that without at least a skeleton of a routine, my first days with a new baby were long, overwhelming and self-defeating. Read more…
  5. S-L-E-E-P
    We all hear it… from the nurses, the doctors, the friends, and the mothers, but we don’t ever really do it. Well, now you should. For just that first week, give yourself permission to sleep when your baby sleeps. And now I’ll tell you why. Read more…


Enjoy the Moment

The most important thing to focus on, apart from all the tips and tricks, is to enjoy your baby. That sweet little bundle will only stay small for a minute – before you know it, he’ll be crawling around your kitchen looking for cupboards to open! Soak it all in and enjoy every moment, even the hard ones.

However, I  do hope that these tips will help you through! They’ve certainly helped me as I struggled through those first several days, every single time. Even though you know what to expect after having a few babies, it’s still just as hard! These little tricks really do make a difference, and I hope they’ll make your journey a bit easier as well. Leave a comment and let me know what secret tips and tricks you’ve discovered!


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7 thoughts on “Week One {5 Baby Must-Do’s in the First 7 Days}

  1. Great points! The hardest part of having a baby were the days immediately following birth, especially with the first one since it was all new to me! By the fouth, it was easier but still hard but oh so worth it!


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