The Ultimate Baby Products List {favorites from a mama of 4}

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Contrary to popular advertisers’ opinions, there are many, MANY baby products you can absolutely do without! This list, however, is not one of them. As a first-time mom, I was the ultimate sucker for a good commercial.

I bought the Boogie Wipes (fantastic but not necessary), the wipe-warmer (my husband literally laughed me out of the room on that one), and the most expensive diapers…. for the first two weeks. Then I got smart and realized there must be a better way to be a good mom besides stocking up on every product that’s suggested on the registry website. There are, however, some major life-savers that I wish I had known about before I needed them!

Now that I know, I keep these products in stock CONSTANTLY. With each baby we have we make new discoveries and, I’m telling you, a few of them have literally changed our lives!

{This post contains multiple affiliate links from different affiliates.}

The Ultimate Baby Products Must-Have List


And now, without further ado, I give you my ultimate list of baby products – THE STAPLES in our home for the better part of the last decade. Some are pretty straight forward while others have been miraculous discoveries we’ve stumbled upon, those diamond in the rough items that you thank heaven for every day.

Brace yourself, you’re going to want to be making some additions to your baby registry! {Which, by the way, if you don’t have one, hop on over to Amazon and get started!}

Number 5: A Soother

Whether it’s a blanket, a binky, a rattle or a stuffed animal, having something for your baby to attach to is very important. Babies aren’t ready for it right away, and some take longer than others, but within the first few days, you’ll start to notice if your baby is ready for a soother. I’m not a doctor or a psychologist and I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert, but in our experiences soothers always proved to be an invaluable asset.

All of our babies took a pacifier within the first 12 hours of birth. (We did this intentionally and although it’s always a little bit of work to wean them off, it’s well worth it in my opinion. Baby #4 likes his thumb just as much as a pacifier, so we may have a little different experience this time, but I’ll keep you posted!)

But in addition, both of our babies showed a desire for something more – something to hold as they got a little older.

Depending on the ages, here are a few options:

0-3 months: Dex Baby Mommy Bear with Womb Sounds
These cuddly and comforting little bears come with womb sounds you can turn on or off!  Check this one out!

3-6 months: WubbaNumb Infant Pacifier
These have little stuffed animal that connects to a binky so it’s two-for-one! So cute!


6-12 months: Stuffed Animal Blanket
I just adore how soft and cuddly this looks; plus, it’s a FOX!!!


12+ months: Warmies Rice Bag Stuffed Animals
GUYS! I have to say a little something about this one, as it’s our latest discovery. Our two oldest kids got them for Christmas this year. You heat them up in the microwave for a warm snuggle in bed. So fun! But it gets even better.

These particular ones are infused with lavender essential oil, so not only is it warm and soothing, it actually helps calm them down! Our daughter was about a year and a half when her big brother and sister got them, and we quickly realized she loved snuggling with them and carrying them around the house. We got her one of her very own, and now it’s a staple to our bedtime routine.

We got the owl but now I’m wishing we had snagged this one; I might even get it for me! I mean really, it’s a UNICORN!


Number 4: Safety and Teething Products

First off, safety. Nothing could be more important to us, right? I have lived the nightmare of being told in the NICU that if your child lives through the night then treatment plans can be discussed.


That kind of trauma can turn you into a hyper-nervous helicopter mom on a dime, and as much as I tried to temper it, I found myself watching him breathe and checking for a pulse multiple times a night for months. The product that wasn’t available at the time, but would have been invaluable to my peace of mind, is the Owlet Smart Sock. For parents in need of constant monitoring of their newborn for health reasons, or just to give that added reassurance, this product is changing lives.

What I would have done for one of these during those dark, sleepless months! It really is amazing.


The other way to make sure your baby is safe while sleeping is a video monitor. We put this BabySense one on our registry for the last baby and we have absolutely loved it! It’s got all the featured we needed for an affordable price.

It even comes with two cameras for two separate channels, which has been especially helpful having two kids under two years old!


Now onto teething: I know you probably think you have all the time in the world, and you might… but I didn’t! My first little Mr. Man starting cutting teeth at 10 weeks! I had no idea what was wrong until he happened to be sucking on my finger and I felt one of the buds… and then quickly did a gum sweep and found 3 more!

Four teeth at once, less than 3 months old. Yeeeep. Thankfully, I had a few teething staples on hand (aside from the Tylenol we just dispensed oh so easily) and the rest were quick to follow. My absolute favorites are:

    1. Hyland’s Teething Tablets – all-natural, safe for your baby, super affordable and very effective.
    2. Amber Necklace – if you’ve never tried this you are MISSING OUT! My babies were them constantly, up until they’re done teething! Makes a huge difference, but make sure you get the real thing – lots of copy cats out there. My favorite is Inspired by Finn Polished Honey beads.
    3. Nuby’s Gum-Eez First Teether – shut the front door, this thing is amazing! It’s a little magical chew toy that’s the perfect fit for your baby’s restless gummies! I stick mine in the freezer for a little extra soothing. My 18-month-old still uses this daily!

Number 3: Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack


So I was super skeptical when I first saw the sleep sack ads on my Facebook. The claims they were making were quite extraordinary, and I seriously doubted they were as amazing as they said they were. But when we found ourselves with two under 2 and neither one could sleep in their own bed throughout the whole night, we decided we were desperate enough to give anything a shot.

At 6:00a.m. one morning, after being up all night, we finally broke down and ordered two – and three days later our lives changed. I’m not even entirely sure how they work the magic that they do, but I’m telling you, everything they promise you is legit! For our 18-month-old the problem wasn’t getting to sleep, it was staying asleep.

She would roll over and lose her pacifier in the middle of the night and not be able to soothe herself back to sleep. It’s odd, she never did that before, but when baby #4 came around at 15 months she regressed in a few areas (as is completely normal for having multiple kiddos) and sleep was one of them. Regardless, we would have to go into her room multiple times a night and, if we were lucky, stick her binky back in.

If we weren’t, we’d be in there for 20 minutes rocking her back to sleep. The Zen Sleep Sack changed the way she self-soothed; it gave us the added boost that we needed to start going in twice a night, then once, then not at all. We actually only used the sleep sack for her for a couple of months, but that was enough.

After she got the hang of sleeping through the night it didn’t matter if she had the sack on or not. It really is amazing!

The Zen Swaddle

The progress for our littlest one is a bit slower as he’s up at least once a night for a feeding. But it has helped SO MUCH. He was waking up for a feeding, co-sleeping through the feeding, then waking up when I put him back in his bed and wanting to do it all over again. Oy. It made for such a long night!

The sleep sack not only helps him stay asleep longer so we’re down to one feeding a night instead of two or three but when I put him back in his bed he’s able to self-soothe if he starts to wake up. I’m telling you mamas, this is a game-changer. Buy one and see for yourself here – you’re welcome.

Number 2: Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water

I have to say, this was a close tie for number 1. I have used it with all of my babies and it continues to prove how invaluable it is. It is by far one of the absolute most indispensable baby products: Gripe Water from Mommy’s Bliss.

From gas pains and constipation to teething and cranky, this is the first place we turn when the tears start to roll. All-natural and able to be given every 15 minutes as needed, this stuff will literally save your life. It’s affordable, in the baby section of almost every grocery and drug store, and safe for your baby’s sensitive tummy.

I’ve also heard it’s great for adults…. but I’ll have to keep you in suspense for now on that one!

Number 1: Essential Oil Baby Blends from doTerra

Ok, no really, hear me out. Regardless of how much you know about essential oils, I think we can all agree that when it comes to our babies, we want the least invasive, most effective, non-toxic remedy we could possibly find, right? doTerra oils have continued to prove to me just how effective and important they are in my kids’ lives.

When our oldest son was only three weeks old he spent three days in the NICU. When we came home, my treatment plan included using diluted oil blends both topically and for aromatherapy. My husband and I were unbelievably skeptical that a drop of oil from this tiny, expensive bottle would do anything at all, but let me tell you, it saved our lives.

Now we use oils every day. For everything. The most convenient way to use oils for babies is the pre-diluted rollers with specific blends. My favorites are Teething, Congestion, Tummy, and Immune Support.

You can also diffuse oils like Lavender for calming or Peppermint for clear, easy breathing. There are so many amazing uses for essential oils for a new baby, and ways to use them as they grow.

Well, that’s a wrap! I hope these have been helpful. Comment below with your favorite baby products and why they’re you’re number one choice. We’d love to hear from you!



{So as I’m sure you know, these products, as with ALL baby products, aren’t safe to use without adult supervision. Please be smart and safe with your babies!}

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