5 Reasons to Love Grove Co.

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What was your favorite store growing up? I’d say Target, but we didn’t get a local Target until I was out of high school… but that store that you were so excited to go into because you knew you loved everything in there, even though you didn’t know what you’d find? In fact, that was half the fun — discovering what they had to offer or what as on sale.


The top 5 reasons I love Grove Co.

Subscription boxes have recently become a thing, and as much as I’m always super excited to try one, there’s always that risk that they’ll send you something you don’t want or can’t use. I’d just find myself wishing that I could custom pick my personalized box with products that I needed and that it didn’t always have to be the same amount of money every month, that it could be flexible.

THAT is the biggest thing that I love about Grove Co. 

I’ll tell you what the real challenge in writing this post has been: only coming up with 5! I figured the title ’42 Reasons to Love Grove Co.’ was a little excessive. I love Grove, and I’m not even a Grove Partner yet! (What can I say? They prefer the super duper big blogs and I can’t blame them.)

I’m just a customer (fangirl) with a referral link but man oh man do I love to get that box every month! Here’s why.


1. Convenience

Let’s not make this into something grand and wonderful, it is what it is. But convenience really is my number one reason. Why? Because I live in an extremely rural area compared to some.

The nearest Walmart is 30 minutes away. The nearest Target (ahem… recently established as I mentioned above) is over an hour away. We don’t have a Cosco, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, or Whole Foods anywhere near here.

My local shopping options are very limited, as is the variety they provide. Before we outgrew all of the shopping carts (literally… try fitting a bolt-happy 4yo, 15mo and newborn into the same cart with 2 weeks worth of groceries), I would usually venture to a few different stores once or twice a month to stock up on cleaners, household supplies, and hope that I found the right shade of lip tint at Target. Now even that is a daunting task.

Grove Co. came into my life at just the right moment. I can get on the app and custom fill my own order with the products I need that month, and not get extra products I don’t need if things change.

‘Subscription’ is used loosely here, and I love that. Unlike other subscription services, if I don’t happen to need a certain product, I’m not bringing down the subscription dynasty by opting out for a month – I simply remove the products I don’t need from my cart and that’s that.


2. Variety

As you can imagine, in my area there is very little variety. Different brands and scents are just very limited. Our local grocery stores do have a pretty good selection of organic, all-natural products (for a grocery store) but the prices are jacked right up because of it.

Getting on Grove Co. for the first time, I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn’t even choose which products I wanted, there were so many options! I love to try new things without the commitment of buying them every month for the rest of my life.

One of my favorite things to do is to experiment with different products to see how I can slowly start replacing the everyday household items I use with a healthier alternative.

3. Wellness

Speaking of healthier alternatives, that would be one of my top 5 reasons. I’m not one of those crunchy mamas who makes my own soap and uses ACV for everything… BUT I do see the value in those kinds of choices and I’m slowing trying to adjust our lifestyle so that we’re getting closer to that ideal.

Grove Co. makes this so easy. I can know that the household products my kids are using aren’t harmful to their little bodies without having to make them myself. The products I clean with, the hygiene products we use — even some of the things we put into our bodies (they offer a variety of supplements, protein powders, and vitamins).


4. Affordable

This is always important. With four kids to raise, a mortgage, and only one reliable income, we take every opportunity to stick to our budget. Grove makes this so easy. You can purchase Grove Co. products without the VIP membership, but after a couple of months I quickly realized it was well worth the $20 fee to get access to the VIP benefits:

{Taken from the Grove Co. Website}

Membership Plan

Annual VIP Membership. You currently have access to unlimited free shipping and returns, free (full-size) gifts, exclusive sales, and unparalleled customer service from our Grove Guides.

What you get with VIP

Free Shipping                Free Gifts                Free Returns           Exclusive Sales

Knowing roughly how much money we have budgeted for these kinds of expenses every month makes filling up my Grove Co. box a breeze. It’s also great to shop the sales and try new brands that maybe you wouldn’t normally try because they’re 75% off!


5. It’s Fun

I hesitated to include this final reason because let’s be real, life’s not about fun. But doesn’t that make it even better when something is good, practical, AND fun? As I mentioned earlier, I absolutely adore the concept of a subscription box.

But I always find myself canceling them after a few months because I can’t stomach the risk of knowing I’m paying X amount every month for products I may not need or even want.


Grove Co. is the best of both worlds. It’s the fun and excitement of it being ‘that time of the month’ when you get your box, but you also have hand-chosen what goes in it and you know how much you’re spending.

There are no strings attached, it’s not a ‘see how much you love all these clothes we hand-picked for you? That’ll be $500 please’. It’s straight-forward, perfect for budgeting planners, and can be customized any way that you need. It is the definition of a win-win!

My Favorite Grove Co. Products


I don’t want to belabor this, but I don’t think I would be doing due dilligence if I didn’t give you an idea of the wonderfulness you’re missing if you’re not shopping at Grove Co.

I promise to make it short and sweet! (By the way, that Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Concentrate? 1/2 tablespoon to 2 cups of water… in other words, it lasts FOREVER!)


So there you have it! If you’d like to try Grove Co. and receive a free gift, click my referal link above!

Hope you love it as much as I do!




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