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Homeschooling is an amazing joy. It is a privilege, one that many of us do not take lightly! It can also be extremely daunting, especially to someone who is new to the lifestyle. Considering the year we’ve had so far, adding one more thing to your already full plate can tend to tip you over the edge! Sometimes all we need is a little help, a point in the right direction, to make sure we have all of our darling little ducks in a row!


What Do You Really Need to Homeschool?

When we first set out to start homeschooling, I was overwhelmed by the prospect of record keeping and curriculum planning. I had a planner for myself, a planner for my student, an attendance record book, a curriculum planner, a unit study book, an extra-curricular activities log… you name it. Now, none of these things are bad but in addition to my half a dozen other books that went along with this entourage, it was a little much for kindergarten.


Over the past 6 years of homeschooling I’ve narrowed down what I really need to plan, keep records, and adequately schedule our homeschool year. And I finally had an extra minute to put it all into a little digital download that I can share with you!

Because none of us homeschool the same (which is in fact, the number one thing we love about homeschooling!), using a planner that is one-size-fits all is extremely difficult. I know. I’ve spent the last several years searching for one!!

And not to say there aren’t some amazing homeschool planners out there, because there most certainly are! But I’ve found them all to either be way too much or not enough, and usually, they come with a hefty price tag.


I wanted a solution that would be cheap, easy, and tag along nicely with my monthly planner that I use for scheduling and personal planning.



What Homeschool Planning Looks Like For You

Ideally, you save every little darling thing your kid ever does! But in reality, you would have to have a storage unit per kid to do that when you’re homeschooling. Depending on the state you are in you may need to keep some things, but for many of us, myself included, the only thing you need a record of is attendance and grades in elementary school.


Well, I’ll do one better. Thanks to my Homeschool Mama Planning Guide, I have my attendance, term grades, curriculum and academic goals all in one place! At the end of the year, all I’ll have to do is store my schedule planner and this little booklet for my records.

SO MUCH BETTER than keeping every worksheet your kid ever does! (Again, please check the specific laws and regulations for your state! It may require different records.)

So let’s take a minute and look into just what is in this little book that helps make a homeschool mama’s life just a little bit easier.

Here’s the first page from the planner, a welcome letter explaining what you can expect to find:

Blank 8.5 x 11 in

Think this might be a nice addition to your homeschool planning process this year? Then head over to my Etsy Shop and download your own!

Thanks to instant downloads, it will arrive in your inbox within minutes of completing your purchase. You can make as many copies as you need to get you through your homeschool year with all of your students. (We just ask you would help a mama out and not share outside your household. 😉 )


I printed mine at a local print service shop and had it spiral-bound, so it has a clear cover, black coil binding, and black vinyl backing. But you could also print at home and put in a 3-ring binder, or simply have it in a folder with your planner.


However you choose to use it, I hope this Homeschool Mama Planning Guide helps you as you begin yet another year of homeschooling! Whether it’s your first, your last, or somewhere in between, every year is a treasure!



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