Busy Mom’s Guide: $5.00 Gallery Wall

I did it. I finally did it! I gave in to the Pinterest-mania 'must-do' and found myself absolutely in love with a zillion Instagram brag posts on Facebook... and found within myself the desperate need for a Gallery Wall. My only opposition? Money. So, my husband and I teamed up and in one afternoon put … Continue reading Busy Mom’s Guide: $5.00 Gallery Wall


My Absolute Best (and Worst) Pin Experiments

Pinterest has revolutionized my world. For someone that has never been 'craft-inclined' or 'artsy', to be able to search for a detailed tutorial on every DIY imaginable is like having a brain transplant. I've had some very positive results since hopping on the Pinterest train, and yes, 99% of them come in burlap. But there have … Continue reading My Absolute Best (and Worst) Pin Experiments