Happy Valentine’s Day {Free Printables!}

Nothing celebrates a holiday like free stuff! Celebrate with us with these free printables, Facebook covers, and more! Share & enjoy!


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A Few Of My Favorite Things


From caroling to the Christmas play, wrapping to reading Christmas books, testing the tree lights (again, and again…) or gorging yourself on every goody insight, Christmas is the best time to bring out your favorite traditions! Here are a few on my bucket list this year. I hope you enjoy!

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Happy Easter! {Celebrate with Free Printables}

I absolutely love Easter! As a kid I looked forward to the egg hunts, the baskets in the morning, and going to my grandparents’ church in a brand new fancy dress. Decked out in my new hat and gloves, I would eat up every admiration and compliment that graced my 6-year-old ears. Now, as a mama to a very similar little girl, I look forward to filling her Easter basket and getting her all dolled up on Easter morning.

The only thing more fun than curling up my Little Girlie’s hair, is decorating my house! But really, who has time do a house make over? Not me, for sure!

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Busy Mom’s Guide: 5 Reasons To Love Your Crockpot

crocklove4I love my crock-pot. No, allow me to rephrase: I lovvvvveeeee my crock-pot. This is not an instance in which the understated is better stated; you must understand, I hold my crock-pot in significantly high regard. And there is a special place in my heart for quick, painless dinners that get thrown into that magical dish and come out six hours later a delectable feast! But there is so much more potential hidden under the surface of this beautiful kitchen appliance, just waiting for you to discover!

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Busy Mom’s Guide: Clean Freak’s Best Friend

cleanfreak11I recently made a discovery. It was not a pleasant one. I was cleaning my microwave and stove top, minding my own business, when I was suddenly accosted by a disgusting reality. There, in my kitchen, was perhaps the dirtiest thing I have ever seen in my life! (That statement is only slightly exaggerated.) Precariously perched above where we cook our food (our FOOD!), this preposterous abomination had made its home. I’m only telling you this because I care, but I will caution you: before you look to see if this obscenity is living in your home, brace yourself.

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