Do It Myself?

Welcome to the creative part of my brain: PINTEREST! Before Pinterest existed (oh those dark, dark days) I considered myself hopelessly void of creativity. But alas, in this beautiful new season of humanity where anyone with a smart phone and Instagram can be a renown photographer and everyone knows what you ate for breakfast thanks to Facebook, Pinterest has given crafty-wanna-be’s like me a whole knew world of possibilities!

Here is a compilation of my attempts, both successful and tragic, and my thoughts on them all. Enjoy and share your own favorite DIY’s!


❤  Busy Mom’s Guide: Managing the Mess

❤  Busy Mom’s Guide: DIY Photos {Editing Tutorial} with your iPhone

❤  Busy Mom’s Guide: DIY Cake Smash Photos {For Free}

❤  Busy Mom’s Guide: 4th of July Party Planning

❤  Busy Mom’s Guide: DIY Coffee Bar

❤  DIY Baby Photos {Shooting & Editing Tutorial} For Free

❤  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! {Quick & Easy, Yummy Fun)

❤  Busy Mom’s Guide: St. Patrick’s Day {turn} Spring Pendant Banner

❤  Busy Mom’s Guide: Last-Minute Valentine’s Day

❤  Busy Mom’s Guide: $5.00 Gallery Wall

❤  My Absolute Best (And Worst) Pin Experiments

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