So You’re Having a Baby… Plan Ahead

Not only did we have alternative routes for our alternative routes to the hospital and a dozen back-up babysitters in case both of our moms fell off the face of the earth, perhaps the most important phase in Operation Prep was ‘boots on the ground’… e.i.: when Baby #2 finally make his way from the hospital to our home.The first stage of our plan took place in the weeks leading up to D-Day. I froze freezer meals, we coordinated vacation time, and I pinned more baby blog articles than I could have read in the entire 9 months. Planning looks different for every soon-to-be-mama, but the basics are the same for most of us: finish the nursery, stock up on toilet paper and dish washing cubes, and read up on all things baby from sleep patterns to postpartum and everything in between…. Including the difference between latching and rooting and how to accomplish either in the dark with a screaming child. Easy-peasy.

But of all the things we game-planned, one of the most valuable proved to be activities for our very active, somewhat-demanding, diva-in-training 3-year-old. We hid little stashes around the house like land mines with crayons, coloring sheets, stickers, and sometimes fruit snacks or lolly pops for her to be directed to at any given moment, resulting in at least 20 minutes of preoccupation. We bought new DVD’s, downloaded new apps to the iPad, and had a dozen new library books all stashed away waiting for their moment to save the day. All of these little things combined proved to keep our little family up and running even when our world came crashing to a halt with the arrival of little Mr. Man. (Back)


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