This Mom’s Open Letter to Target: The Real Reason We’re Boycotting {It’s Not What You Think}


Dear Target,

From the beginning of your business venture, your CEO’s, executives, marketing teams¬†– everyone down to my local branch manager – have dreamed up and executed a brilliant strategy. You realized that in order to secure yourselves a place next to Walmart you would need to hone in on a very specific consumer, one that, once addicted, would become your most loyal and impulse-purchase-happy customers on the face of the planet: you wanted moms. And you, my dear friend, have succeeded!

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Busy Mom’s Guide: 5 Family-Friendly Vacations {that aren’t Disney}


My Little Miss and I were discussing the 4 seasons the other day when she voiced the question that Maine children have asked for centuries: “Why can’t it be summer all the time?”

Now don’t get me wrong, us Maine girls love winter! But when we’re well on our way into Spring and still have patches of snow at the playground refusing to melt, even we can get a little anxious for summer. And summer, if it’s done right, brings vacation! Now the real question: how (and where) to vacation on a budget, with kids? We love road trips, live for adventures, are suckers for tourist traps and – in a perfect world – would take a vacation at least once a month. But we also have two little kids who are allergic to their car seats after 5 minutes, want to touch EVERYTHING, and have attention spans that are about as long as their eye-lashes. So where do we go? Here’s a few of our favorites… And the best part?¬†They’re not Disney!

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