Handprint Thankful Tree

I love Thanksgiving! I love everything about it, from the cooking, the place settings, the timeless traditions, to the smell of pumpkin spice. Yes. ALL THE PUMPKIN SPICE. But the one thing I love more than anything is the opportunity to remind my kids {and myself} how very much we have to be thankful for. We always do some kind of Thankful Tree, and this year we found a new fun and special way to talk about thankfulness, a grateful heart, and our blessings!   


Busy Mom’s Guide: 4th of July Party Planning

Here in New England our spring season tends to hang around a little longer than it should, due to the fact that winter wayyy overstayed its' welcome. This brings us to the end of June still hauling around coats, moving in-doors after 7pm and turning up the heat in the car for those early morning drives. But something magical happens when Maine hits July: summer begins! And nothing rings the arrival of the best 6 weeks of the year like a 4th of July bash.

Busy Mom’s Guide: St. Patrick’s Day {turn} Spring Pendant Banner

Do you like easy? Of course you do - who doesn't like easy? I've mentioned how my craft skills before Pinterest were absolutely non-existent and that whatever skills I may possess now are solely because of that wonderful entity, so it should not surprise you to learn that I've thrown together some cute decor for St. Patrick's … Continue reading Busy Mom’s Guide: St. Patrick’s Day {turn} Spring Pendant Banner

My Absolute Best (and Worst) Pin Experiments

Pinterest has revolutionized my world. For someone that has never been 'craft-inclined' or 'artsy', to be able to search for a detailed tutorial on every DIY imaginable is like having a brain transplant. I've had some very positive results since hopping on the Pinterest train, and yes, 99% of them come in burlap. But there have … Continue reading My Absolute Best (and Worst) Pin Experiments