Busy Mom’s Guide: How To Survive Postpartum


“It’ll be fun,” they said. “Have a baby!” they said. So you did. Now you find yourself, not unlike the vast majority of new mamas, just weeks or months after the most excruciatingly difficult physical experience you’ve ever encountered, LITERALLY going insane. No, it’s not just you… but yes, you are insane. Welcome to postpartum!

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This Mom’s Open Letter to Target: The Real Reason We’re Boycotting {It’s Not What You Think}


Dear Target,

From the beginning of your business venture, your CEO’s, executives, marketing teams – everyone down to my local branch manager – have dreamed up and executed a brilliant strategy. You realized that in order to secure yourselves a place next to Walmart you would need to hone in on a very specific consumer, one that, once addicted, would become your most loyal and impulse-purchase-happy customers on the face of the planet: you wanted moms. And you, my dear friend, have succeeded!

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When I Heard The Bells


Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! Nothing gets me like twinkling lights, sweet spices and the music that has made the holidays magical from my childhood.

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Busy Mom’s Guide: DIY Cake Smash Photos {for free}

There is a growing trend in the mommy community that has gained considerable momentum in the past few years: the cake smash. This phenomenon has grown from letting a 1-year-old eat a piece of cake to spending enormous amounts of money on a cake for the baby to destroy, and a photographer to document the destruction. Don’t get me wrong… I am a HUGE cake-smash fan! But there’s got to be a way for us budget-loving-mama’s to have our cake and eat it too.


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The Stay-At-Home Mom That Stays At Home

sahmheader1Hello, my name is Jasmine and I’m a Stay-At-Home-Mom. No, I’m not introducing myself at SAHM’s Anonymous; more like the “stay-at-home-mom’s that don’t want to stay at home club”. I can’t help it – I can’t sit still! NOT that I’m sitting still at home with my LIttle Miss and Mr. Not a chance! But staying in the same half-mile-radius for days on end starts to make me want to crawl out of my skin. Can I get a witness? I mean really, moms, am I the only one?

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How To Teach Your Kids About Modesty {And Why It’s Important}

modestyheader2I was at a BBQ recently with my 4-year-old daughter when she called me over to a little group of teenie-bopper girls she was sitting with. “Mom,” she called in that infamous tell-tale voice, “We’ve got a problem.” Upon my approach, however, I saw no spilled lemonade, everyone was smiling, and there wasn’t a trace of blood anywhere. “What’s the matter?” I asked, confused but not surprised. 4-year-old divas going on 35 always have a problem – they’re like birds. They migrate to find drama and they usually go in flocks.

Somebody,” she began, exaggeratedly peering around the group, “Has shorts on that are TOO short.” She delivered her last line with all the confidence of an old grandmother lecturing those young whipper snappers, and no, to my horror and dismay, there was no way the comment went by unnoticed. It was well heard by everyone in the group. I wanted to melt into the floor. But she was right. Somebody DID have on shorts that were too short, and it was my 4-year-old that had the guile to address the problem.

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When Mama Just Needs The Simple Things

simplethings1I lotioned my hands this afternoon. I know, right? Oh the luxury! I couldn’t help it – my skin smelled like dishwater, and even after scrubbing them to the bone, my hands wreaked. I hardly ever lotion my hands, especially after doing dishes – there is always something else vying for my attention (usually very loudly). But today I decided to splurge. And oooh was it good! If you’re not a live-in maid to a series of lovely, messy children, full-time cook for a brood of hungry, picky eaters, on-call psychologist for a seemingly multiple-personality’d diva, commander to the most disorganized and disheveled unit in the world, as well as a loving (albeit sometimes frazzled) wife, then this post won’t make any sense to you. But if you are… relish with me for just a few moments, in the beauty of… {excuse me for just a moment, Little Mr. has just begun requesting his dinner quite forcefully} …the simple things.

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