French Pancakes {No-Fail, Original Family Recipe}

One of our sweetest family traditions is my husband’s family’s French Pancake recipe. It’s the kind of recipe you are only introduced to once you have met the preliminary requirements of a long-term girlfriend and are well on your way to becoming the proud owner of a new diamond. For me, having grown up with the family, the legend of ‘Mom’s aahhhhh-mazing French Pancakes’ was hollowed and only spoke of in the most sacred of tones. Her boys would do almost anything to bring that deliciously light and yet satisfyingly rich, beautiful plate of scrumptious-ness to the table. So you can imagine my hesitation to undertake this endeavor upon becoming an official Mrs. A.frenchpan1

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Gluten-Free Honey & Peanut Butter Pancakes

Pancakes are, by far, one of my weekend morning favorites. Nothing says lazy morning like sizzling hotcakes and globs of maple syrup!  But, as you may have already discovered for yourself, finding good gluten-free recipes that don’t taste like cardboard is a rarity. That’s why this one is such a gem! It’s just easy as throwing together any other cheat-baking-mix and so incredibly good you’ll want to double check to make sure they’re actually gluten-free!


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Busy Mom’s Guide: 4th of July Party Planning


Here in New England our spring season tends to hang around a little longer than it should, due to the fact that winter wayyy overstayed its’ welcome. This brings us to the end of June still hauling around coats, moving in-doors after 7pm and turning up the heat in the car for those early morning drives. But something magical happens when Maine hits July: summer begins! And nothing rings the arrival of the best 6 weeks of the year like a 4th of July bash.

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Best New Recipes {March}

A couple of months ago I started making a list of all the new recipes I was trying from Pinterest every month. I was quite surprised when I realized that I try, on average, a new recipe every week! Bravo, Pinterest, you have gotten this boring cook out of her rut! My favorite recipes from every month have been making it to the ‘Best New Recipes’ series (didn’t see February? Catch up here), because they are simply too good not to share!


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! {Quick & Easy, Yummy Fun}

stpats1I just love St. Patrick’s Day. I always have, ever since my brother ruined my sister’s St. Patty’s Day pot roast (yes I know, not corned beef, but the sweet girl was only 8 so cut her some slack) by dumping in a ton of green food coloring to make it match the party. Needless to say green pot roast, potatoes and carrots is less than appetizing… We all had something else for dinner. He ate that pot roast for days. But he wasn’t completely off target. Dying everything green is a great way to celebrate! Just not the meat – gross.

So here are my list of must-haves and dos for a fun, easy St. Patrick’s Day! Ready? Here we go!

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Bailey’s Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream 5 Ways

baileys1It was a match made in heaven the day I met Bailey’s Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream. We were at my husband’s grandmother’s house for the weekend when she introduced me to this amazing concoction. Smooth, creamy, rich, sweet – everything you want in thick Irish cream (minus the alcohol of course :)). I don’t normally like my coffee sweetened but this little bottle changes the rules when it visits my house. It’s so good, however, that I couldn’t just limit it to my coffee. Hence, I give you Bailey’s Non-Alcoholic Irish Cream 5 different ways! This post is not sponsored, I just love this stuff so much! Brace yourself for the temptation – it’s coming! Continue reading

Best New Recipes {February}

bestnewrecipesfebI love trying new recipes, and I have very simple criteria: to make it into my kitchen, a recipe must be quick, painless and easy. Oh yes… And amazingly delicious! I tried several new dishes in February, but these three topped the list as they passed my ‘test’ with flying colors. Alas, without further ado, I give you the winners!

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