The Lock & Key

My husband and I believe that marriage is the foundation that strong families can build upon. Like good soil in a garden, wind in a sail, air in your lungs and water in the ocean – a healthy marriage is the first and perhaps most important step in raising children who serve God, respect their country, love others and walk in greatness. Here are a few ways we’ve built that foundation in our marriage and places you can go for more.


To Those Who Wait: An Open Letter to a Lonely Heart

5 Ways To Be Happily Married

Taking Out The Trash {Literally & Figuratively} Before Daddy Gets Home

Five Words That Changed My Marriage {Part Two}

Five Words That Changed My Marriage {Part One}

Resource: The Heart of Marriage

Resource: Focus On The Family

Resource: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman


2 thoughts on “The Lock & Key

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