Week One… Lower Your Standards

Remember the days you woke up to a clean house AND went to bed with a clean house? Those days are gone. Not forever, but definitely for your immediate future – and that’s OK! Remember when you and your husband could have a complete conversation without interruptions? If this isn’t your first baby, you know what I’m talking about. A whole 2 minutes of uninterrupted conversation is on-parr with honeymoon sex once you’ve had a child. You might want to gently remind your husband (or clue him in) that you’ll most likely have a more difficult time communicating in the near future and plan out ways to succeed at effective exchanges amidst the inevitable chaos.

Baby weight. We all have it, whether it’s 5 pounds or 50, and it hangs over our heads from the moment we first dress our no-longer-pregnant-selves. Some of the best advice I’ve received on this topic was from an experienced mama who, in so many words, told me to let it go. She said it took 9 months to gain the weight and would take at least that much to lose it. I’ve also had friends that have suggested not starting the ‘losing journey’ until you’ve established a routine with your new little family and have the basics under control (like showering and making dinner). This is usually around the 3-month mark, depending, of course, on your family. But out of everything I’ve heard on the subject, the most important advice would be this: don’t spend your baby’s first months agonizing over the number on the label of your jeans (or the fact that you’re not out of preggo pants yet). You only have a short season with your newborn – don’t ruin it by spending the whole time getting down on yourself. There is plenty of time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business, but the first few weeks after your baby is born is NOT that time. Relax, where yoga pants, allow yourself to enjoy this season and soon you’ll be ready to tackle that mountain – or molehill, depending on your perspective. (Back)

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